Michael Morrissey’s journey into the world of photography began in an unconventional manner. Initially carving out a career as a landscape architect, Morrissey’s unique approach to showcasing potential park designs through innovative photography quickly distinguished him in his field. However, it was his serendipitous decision to document his travels and share his experiences through photographic lectures, starting with a captivating series on Paris in the early 1970s, that marked the true beginning of his photographic career.

Morrissey’s adventurous spirit led him to become the driver of the famed Magic Bus, journeying from Paris to Kathmandu. This experience not only fueled his desire to explore but also highlighted his readiness to embrace risks and capture the essence of his adventures through his lens. This adventurous ethos has propelled him to traverse every continent, creating an impressive portfolio that includes breathtaking images of diverse cultures and landscapes from Thailand, Bhutan Namibia, Kenya, Madagascar, Peru, Bolivia, Iceland, Antarctica, New Zealand, Bora Bora, Mongolia, and beyond.

His work, celebrated for its ability to capture the sublime beauty of nature and the unique essence of human cultures, has been exhibited in venues worldwide, including Mill Valley, New York, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Paris. Morrissey’s photography is not just about the visual spectacle; each image tells a story, a testament to his prowess as a master storyteller.

Morrissey’s published works, including titles such as A Visual Journey Down the Nile, Carnaval 2010!, Kaleidoscope, The Siege of Heptanese, Peru, Along the Sacred Valley, Greenland, and Nostalgic Rides, reflect his diverse interests and the depth of his explorations. These works offer viewers a glimpse into the vast array of experiences and perspectives Morrissey has encountered throughout his travels.

Residing in Marin County, Morrissey is the founder of Spirit House Productions. Under this banner, he has produced the “Artist Sketches” biographic video series, showcasing the lives and works of artists, including Elmer Bischoff, at the MOCA and other major galleries and museums in the San Francisco Bay Area. This series, which now features eight artists, underscores Morrissey’s commitment to storytelling, not just through his photographs but also by highlighting the artistic journeys of others.

Michael Morrissey’s photographic career is a testament to his lifelong commitment to exploration, storytelling, and the art of photography. His work invites us to see the world through his eyes, offering a perspective that is at once deeply personal and universally resonant.

Education: BS, SUNY at Buffalo and MLA, UC Berkeley.

Michael J Morrissey
About the Photographer